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Truck Fenders

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide drivers with active safety support features.

Vehicles on UK roads are now commonly fitted with a wide variety of ADAS offering features with increasingly sophisticated capability.

The functions of ADAS features rely on sensors that continuously and accurately monitor the environment around the vehicle, making these sensors a safety-critical aspect of any repair process.


Before starting any repair procedure that might affect ADAS sensors, we always assess whether the vehicle has active ADAS sensors fitted, which systems they are enabling, and clearly identify the locations of the


The increase of ADAS features that support safety critical systems such as braking and steering, make the proper and effective function of ADAS evermore safety critical.

We'll research the vehicle model fitment information.


Use 3rd party VIN or registration look up tools for fitment data.


Inspect the vehicle


Use Diagnostic Tools to check vehicle data to verify what ADAS sensors are fitted

Where ADAS sensors have been identified, confirm what sensors are likely to be affected relevant to the repair



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